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The Health Group of CGWWA strive to raise health awareness of the community through various talks, distribution of notices and leaflets. The association routinely arranges lectures on nutrition, health and hygiene, immunization programmes, dental/medical check-up, baby shows, blood donation drives, cancer detection and AIDS awareness camps to educate mothers on healthcare. In addition, yoga, meditation and karate/judo classes for children are also conducted periodically by the Sanjeevan group.


Activities Undertaken by Sanjeevan are as Follows : -


ð  Positive Thinking


ð  Health Camps like Cancer detection, eye checkup, dental, Blood Donation etc.


ð  Yoga


ð  Counseling


ð  Free Health camps for underprivileged


Heart check-up

Tetanus vaccination

On 25 January 2019, Sanjeevan team organised a heart check-up camp, in association with Metro Heart Care Institute. Further, an immunisation camp for the third dose of tetanus vaccination to the ladies and children of CG fraternity was also conducted.


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