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The first step towards a healthy mind & body is – Awareness, which is what Sanjeevan, the health wing of CGWWA predominantly does. The reaching out is done primarily by organizing lectures on important topics such as Health, Hygiene & Nutrition, creating awareness on the potentially fatal AIDS & Cancer detection, coordinating drives on Blood donation and awareness camps for mothers on Health care. Yoga & meditation classes form the key drivers for promoting good mental health. Sanjeevan also facilitates counselling for those in need to promote and further its aim of a healthy mind.


Activities undertaken by Sanjeevan are as Follows : -


ð  Positive thinking


ð  Health camps like Cancer detection, eye checkup, dental, Blood Donation etc.


ð  Yoga


ð  Counselling


ð  Free Health camps for underprivileged


Facilitating Stress Management

Yoga Day


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Last updated: 20/05/2022

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