Rescue of 13 Indian Crew of Sinking Motor Tanker Reem-5

    About 0805 h on 23 Jan 20, Coast Guard Headquarters, New Delhi received a telephonic call from MT Reem-5 a Panama flagged tanker on passage from Basrah (Iran) to Hazira (India) that flooding in engine room resulting in listing of vessel in position approximately 210 nm West of Okha (90 nm across putative IMBL inside Pakistan waters). MRCC (Mumbai) immediately swung into action and MRCC (Karachi) was intimated for assistance. Simultaneously, other vessels in vicinity were identified and MV Ganga K, an Indian flagged vessel was directed for assistance. All 13 Indian crew from MT Reem-5 were promptly rescued by MV Ganga K. Relevant details of the vessels shared with MRCC (Karachi). As reported by MV Ganga K, the vessel MT Reem 5 had presumably sunk in position 232 nm West of Okha (109 nm inside Pakistan waters). MRCC (Mumbai) activated ISN message and requested MRCC (Karachi) for promulgation of NAVAREA warning to alert transiting vessels in area. Considering the sensitive nature of cargo i.e 1289 MT Bitumen onboard, MV Ganga K was requested to maintain in area till arrival of PAK MSA ship. On arrival of Pak MSA ship in area, MV ‘Ganga K’ departed area with rescued crew for next port Mumbai. MV ‘Ganga K’ reached Mumbai outer anchorage alongwith 13 crew of distressed vessel at 0800 h on 27 Jan 20 and all 13 crew were disembarked through Tug ‘Many-1’ arranged by the local agent.


Assistance to Stranded Fishing Boat ‘Yohana Devudu’

    At about 1745 h on 05 Jul 19, ICGS Kakinada received information regarding stranded fishing boat ‘Yohana Devudu’ (Regn No. IND-AP-E2-MM-735) alongwith 08 crew with last known position approx 40 nm from Kakinada on 26 Jun 19. The fishing boat ventured into sea on 22 Jun 19 and was expected to return on 30 Jun 19. Coast Guard Dornier aircraft ex-Kolkata was tasked at 0915 h on 06 Jul 19 and ICGS Sarojini Naidu was sailed from Paradip at 1245 h on 06 Jul 19 for sea-air coordinated search. During the sortie, Coast Guard Dornier aircraft located the stranded fishing boat drifting 25 n miles North East of Paradip. ICGS Sarojini Naidu arrived datum at 1700 h on 06 Jul 19 and the ship provided food, portable water and medicine to the crew of the boat. Due to inclement weather and heavy sea conditions, the fishing boat was taken under tow by the ship at 1805 h on 06 Jul 19. The ship alongwith fishing boat arrived Paradip harbour at 0710 h on 07 Jul 19. On arrival, all crew were medically examined and reported to be in healthy condition. The boat was berthed inside Paradip harbour and owner was directed to undertake repairs of the boat at the earliest.


Assistance to Research Vessel ‘ORV Sagar Sampada’

  At about 2200 hrs on 15 Mar 19, Maritime Rescue Coordination Centre (MRCC), Mumbai received an e-mail from Shipping Corporation of India Ltd regarding fire onboard Research Vessel ‘ORV Sagar Sampada’ while the vessel was in position 37 n miles South-West of New Mangalore. On receipt of the information, ICG ships Vikram and Sujay were dispatched to render assistance. Both ships arrived in area by midnight on 16 Mar 19 respectively and commenced fire fighting operation by deputing fully equipped team. The situation was challenging as the fire war intense and access was limited. Notwithstanding, after 4-5 hours of continuous operation, the fire was brought under control in all the 08 compartments. Thereafter, de-flooding of the vessel was carried out using a submersible pumps. All the 30 crew and 16 scientists’ onboard remained safe. The vessel thereafter proceeded to New Mangalore under escort of ICG ships and entered harbor at 1325 hrs on 16 Mar 19.


Man Overboard from Fishing Boat

 At about 0330 hrs on 09 Jan 19, Indian Coast Guard (ICG) ship Vaibhav whilst on patrol, received a VHF distress call from Indian fishing boat 'RR' regarding missing of one fisherman in position 30.5 n miles South of Pamban Pass.On receipt of information, Indian Coast Guard (ICG) Ship Vaibhav swiftly reached the reported area at 0520 hrs and commenced search for the missing crew . At about 0729 hrs, the ICG ship located and recovered the missing fisherman alive. Post administrating first aid to the survivor, ICGS Vaibhav proceeded and handed over the rescued fisherman to Fisheries Officials off Taruvaikulam at about 1430 hrs on 09 Jan 19 in healthy condition.

Rescue of Fishermen From Stranded Fishing Boat

   At about 2252 hrs on 15 Dec 18, AD Fisheries, Kakinada requested assistance for missing fishing boat (Regn No.IND-AP-E3-MO-3179) with 07 crew which had ventured into sea since 11 Dec amid cyclonic condition prevailing during cyclone ‘Phethai’. Investigations indicated that the fishing boat had taken shelter close to Oil rig Aban-II on 15 Dec. The oil rig operator was requested to provide shelter to the stranded fishermen while ICG unit is being deployed for assistance. The ICG Helicopter was tasked at 0615 hrs on 18 Dec and all the 07 fishermen were safely evacuated in two phases to Kakinada.

SAR for Distress Fishing Boat ‘Lavanya’

   On 26 Nov 18, at about 2304 hrs ICGS Ameya, received an VHF distress call from mechanised fishing boat Lavanya (Reg No. TN-11-MFB-278) with 05 crew onboard reporting heavy ingress of sea water, whilst in position 20 n miles North-East of Tondi. ICGS Ameya located the distressed fishing boat at 2321 hrs and immediately dispatched its Technical team with submersible pump and Damage Control items to arrest the flooding.On assessing the situation onboard the fast sinking boat, four crew of the fishing boat were evacuated onboard. However, despite efforts, MFB Lavanya could not be salvaged due heavy water ingress and the boat sank at about 2340 hrs. All the rescued fishermen were later handed over off Mandapam to Fisheries officials at 0655 hrs on 28 Nov 18.

Rescue of Bangladeshi Fishermen.

1.Indian Naval Ship (INS) Sumitra, while being deployed off Bangladesh coast in the wake of Cyclone Mora, sighted a group of stranded fishermen 100 NM South-west of Chittagong on 31 May 17. The ship immediately rushed to the area and found that the fishermen were waiving for assistance while hanging on to a floating trunk of tree and boat debris. INS Sumitra maneuvered close to the survivors and promptly deployed its Marine Commandos, Helicopter, divers, Boarding team and rescued a total of 33 Bangladeshi fishermen amidst strong winds and high swell conditions. During investigations, it was revealed that the survivors were crew of two Bangladeshi fishing boats which sank due to inclement weather. The survivors were provided medical assistance, food and subsequently disembarked by INS Sumitra at Chittagong harbour on 01 Jun 17.


Assistance to Yacht Lady Thuraya

2. At about 0112 Hrs on 01 Jun 17, a relayed COSPAS-SARSAT distress alert was received from British Virgin Islands flagged Sailing vessel ‘Lady Thuraya’ from position about 500 n miles south-west from Mumbai. As the efforts by MRCC Mumbai failed to establish contact with the vessel, ISN was issued. Five merchant vessels Thorco Lohas (IMO 9742429), MV Boreal (IMO 9262936), MV Faust (IMO 9332925), MV UACC Masafi (IMO 9489065) & MV Maria (IMO 9266566) responded to ISN, however the distressed vessel could not be located after search in the area. Further, two more vessel responded on ISN and carried out search from night of 02 Jun to forenoon of 03 Jun, but the Sailing vessel was not sighted. An alert with resolved position was again received from Lady Thuraya at 0225 Hr of 03 Jun 17 and a fresh ISN was issued for all the mariners in area. At about 1000 Hr, on 03 Jun, the Master of MV Seacor Diamond intimated MRCC Mumbai that they were in the vicinity of Sailing vessel Lady Thuraya and communication had been established on VHF. Further, he informed that the distressed vessel required towing assistance as her main engines was defective and no source of power was available onboard. MRCC Mumbai requested MV Seacor Diamond to render assistance to the distressed vessel as required. MV Seacor Diamond took the SV Lady Thuraya under tow at about 1345 Hrs on 03 Jun 17 for passage to Mumbai. The sea was monsoonal with high swell and strong wind. After towing of more than 96 hours covering a distance of more than 400 n miles, MV Seacor Diamond safely reached Mumbai anchorage at about 1355 Hrs on 07 Jun 17 and handed over the sailing vessel Lady Thuraya to Tug Shivali, arranged by the vessel’s agent.

Rescue of Crew from Grounded Barge MV IBIS

3.ICGS Amartya was patrolling off Malpe on 03 Jun 17, when information about grounding of Barge IBIS near south breakwater of Old Mangalore Port was received. The ship proceeded towards the reported position with best possible speed against rough sea and weather conditions. The ship established communication with the Master of the Barge on VHF for situational appreciation and status of crew onboard Barge. The Barge was grounded in position off Mangalore port with shallow patches all around thereby limiting the reach of the ship to the site. Due to these conditions coupled with poor visibility, high swell, strong winds and onset of dark hours, the ship deployed its Gemini boat for rescue of the stranded crew from the Barge. After successful disembarkation of the 04 crew, the weather further deteriorated and the Gemini had to return to ship as further operation was not feasible due to weather and poor visibility. The Coast Guard Ship remained in vicinity of the Barge during the night hours and the operation resumed with first light on next day. The barge master was asked to lower life raft into the water and start evacuating the vessel as it has dangerously listed. Barge crew was thereafter shifted to Coast Guard ship in total 04 trips. Marine Police Boat also joined rescue operation and rescued 04 crew. Subsequently, all the rescued crew were taken to New Mangalore.

Rescue of Fishermen from Fishing Boat ‘Manjeshwari’

At 0925 Hrs, on 07 Jun 17, Coast Guard District Headquarters No. 3, Mangalore received a message from VTS Mangalore regarding flooding onboard fishing boat Manjeshwari, in position 195 Mangalore Lt 3.5 n miles with 07 crew onboard. At 0930 Hrs, ICGS Savitribai Phule on patrol was diverted for assistance.ICGS Rajdoot was sailed at about 0940 Hr for SAR operation. At 1015 Hrs,ICGS Rajdoot reached the area and by 1055 Hrs, all the 07 crew were rescued from the ill fated fishing boat. The Coast Guard ship thereafter entered New Mangalore to hand over the survivors to Fisheries department.

Assistance to Fishing Boat ‘Bolan’

At about 0730 Hrs on 08 Jun 17, Coastal Security Group (CSG) Chennai intimated that a fishing boat ‘Bolan’ (Reg No. IND-TN-12-MO-1580), with 07 crew onboard, had ventured for fishing at 1600 Hr on 07 Jun 17 from Punnakayal, Tuticorin and reported drifting in approx position 069 Manapad Lt 12 view engine failure. ICGS Abhiraj was diverted to render assistance. The ship located the disabled boat but attempts of repair did not fructify due to want of spares. The boat along with the crew was taken under tow and handed over safely to another fishing boat off Tuticorin at 1530 Hr on 08 Jun 17.

Assistance to Disabled Fishing Boat.

At about 2314 Hr on 22 Jun 17, ICGS Kakinada intimated that fishing boat (Reg no. IND-TN-MSB-1496), with 15 crew onboard had ventured for fishing from Nagapattinam on 16 Jun 17 and reported drifting in approx position 122 Kakinada Lt 48 due to engine failure. ICGS Rajdhwaj was diverted for assistance and located the disabled boat at 0515 Hr on 23 Jun 17. Thereafter, the Coast Guard ship took the boat under tow and safely reach off Kakinada to hand over the stranded boat to Marine Police/Fisheries authorities at 1640 Hr on 23 Jun 17.

Assistance to Fishing Boat ‘Nirman-5’.

At about 1900 Hrs on 04 Jul 17, Coast Guard Regional Headquarters (NE) at Kolkata received information from Trawlers Association, Paradip regarding Indian Fishing Boat Nirman-5 (Reg. No. IND-OR-04-MM-174) along with 07 crew missing since 02 Jul 17. Indian Coast Guard Ship Sucheta Kripalani, on area patrol, was directed to carry out search of the missing boat. CGDO was also launched from Bhubaneswar at 0630 Hr on 05 Jul 17 for sea-air coordinated search. CGDO located the disabled boat about 54 n miles East of Paradip and ICGS Sucheta Kripalani was vectored to the distressed fishing boat, which had reported engine failure. The ship took the boat under tow at 1020 Hr on 05 Jul 17 for passage to Paradip. On arriving off Paradip at 1600 Hr on 05 Jul 17, ICGS Sucheta Kripalani handed over the boat & crew to another fishing boat arranged by owner.

Assistance for Overdue Fishing Boat 'Sandhya’.

On 17 Jul 17, Coast Guard District Headquarters No. 8, Haldia received telephonic information from Assistant Director of Fisheries (ADF), Contai (West Bengal) regarding drifting of fishing boat 'Sandhya' alongwith 14 crew, in position 55 n miles East of Paradip due to defect in engine. On receipt of the information, International Safety Net (ISN) was activated by Maritime Rescue Coordination Centre (MRCC), Chennai for vessels operating in area to keep sharp lookout and render assistance as required. Coast Guard Dornier was launched from Kolkata at 1230 Hr for search and located the adrift fishing boat at 1405 Hr. The position was relayed to ICG ship Raziya Sultana for further assistance. The ship arrived close to boat at about 0700 Hr on 18 Jul 17 and was thereafter towed by the ICG ship to Dhamra Port. The boat alongwith crew was safely handed over to another fishing boat 'Kanya Kumari' arranged by the owner at 1315 Hr on 18 Jul 17.

SAR Assistance to MV 'ITT Panther'

At about 0625 Hr on 20 Jul 17, Maritime Rescue Coordination Centre (MRCC), Port Blair received telephonic call from ITT Lines Pvt. Ltd, Kolkata regarding distress onboard MV ITT Panther in position 98 n miles Northwest of Land Fall Island, Andaman Islands due to beyond permissible limits list on Starboard side (approx 30 degree) and requested for immediate assistance. In addition, Captain had declared abandoned ship and all the crew disembarked and boarded life raft/ rescue boat at 0635 Hr 20 Jul 17. On receipt of the information, International Safety Net (ISN) was activated by MRCC Port Blair to alert all mariners transiting through area to keep sharp lookout and render necessary assistance. Indian Coast Guard Dornier Aircraft was tasked from Port Blair and ICGS Rajkamal sailed from Diglipur at 0745 Hr 20 Jul 17 for assistance. ICGS Bhikhaiji Cama, which was on routine patrol, was also diverted for augmenting SAR efforts. The sister vessel, MV ITT Tiger, at sea was also directed by the vessel operators. ICGS Rajkamal reached area at about 1615 Hr and rescued all the 11 crew of ITT Panther from the liferaft braving rough sea conditions. ITT Panther reportedly sank in approximate position 115 n miles Northwest of Diglipur. The rescued crew were taken to Port Blair and handed over to the M/s ITT Pvt. Ltd representatives.

Assistance to Fishing Boats off West Bengal Coast

On 05 Aug 17, ICGS Anmol, whilst on patrol, received distress alert on VHF channel 16 from two fishing boats - Maa Sandha, with 12 crew, and Jay Krishna with 11 crew, adrift in position 62 N miles South of Sagar Island due to engine failure. The ship rushed to the area and located both the stranded fishing boats and arranged nearby fishing boat in vicinity to render towing assistance to Maa Sandha while she prepared to tow the fishing boat Jay Krishna which had its nets entangled with the propellers. Post clearing of the nets, the Coast Guard ship towed the fishing boat for a distance of 50 N miles towards Haldia harbour. The ship reached the harbour by midnight hours and assisted the boat to anchor for being taken over by the owner.

Rescue of Fishermen off Porbandar

On 01 Sep 17, the Aviation Squadron at Porbandar received a distress signal intimating that 08 fisherman ex-FB Mayur Sagar were stranded off Porbandar for more than 24 hours view engine malfunction amidst prevailing cyclonic weather. The boat was stuck in shallow waters and rescue by any ship/ boat was nearly impossible. ICG Advanced Light Helicopter, based at Porbandar, was launched for SAR mission. Despite extreme weather conditions and cyclonic winds, the air crew safely rescued all the stranded 08 fishermen of the ill fated boat in repeated attempts. All the survivors were thereafter safely disembarked to the nearest coast for further medical assistance by the Coast Guard shore authorities. Post first aid, the fishermen were handed over to fisheries authorities.

Assistance to Adrift Tourist Boat off Puducherry

At about 1845 Hr on 17 Sep 17, ICGS Puducherry received information from Pondy Nautic Tourism Group regarding drifting of a tourist boat due to engine failure 12 N miles off Puducherry. The tourist boat had sailed at about 0800 Hr, with 18 tourists, and was due to return harbour at 1700 Hr on the same day. Availability of assistance during dark hours was not certain from other sources. Despite the prevailing rough weather (sea state 3-4, winds gusting upto 35 Kmph) and poor visibility conditions in area, Indian Coast Guard Interceptor Craft IC-119 was sailed at 2000 Hr on 17 Sep 17 for SAR despite the limitations on navigational channel due to dredging operation and limited navigational aids. IC-119 navigated through the restricted channel in absence of navigational lights and adverse weather conditions and reached the distressed boat at 2315 Hr on 17 Sep 17.IC-119 rescued all 12 tourists present onboard the distressed boat and embarked them onboard. 06 tourists from the same boat were rescued earlier by a fishing boat operating in the area around 2030 Hr on 17 Sep 17. IC-119 thereafter, entered Puducherry harbour safely with all rescued tourists in the wee hours of 18 Sep 17.

Assistance to Barge Ellysia off Mumbai

At 1500 Hr on 29 Sep 17, VTS Mumbai intimated MRCC Mumbai regarding flooding onboard barge Ellysia with 07 person onboard in position 05 N miles West North West of Mumbai. ICGS C-154 & ICGS Sankalp, both on patrol, were immediately diverted for assistance. At 1525 Hr, ICGS C-154 arrived area and disembarked de-flooding party onboard barge Ellysia. However, attempts of de-flooding were futile and subsequently terminated due to heavy rolling of vessel and unavailability of power onboard barge. Consequently, all 07 crew were evacuated safely by ICGS C-154. The vessel was also made to anchor to prevent grounding. Subsequently, engine room was isolated. At 1648 Hr, Emergency Towing Vessel SCI Panna was deployed by DG Shipping for assistance while Tug Dolphin-5, arranged by owners, also arrived on scene at about 1945 Hr. Tug Dolphin-5 commenced towing barge Ellysia at 2100 Hr and brought it safely to Darukhana, Mumbai Port Trust. All the rescued crews were safely landed ashore by ICG ship.

Rescue of Fishermen off Jakhau

ICGS Samudra Pavak, whilst on patrol on 20 Nov 2017, received a distress message from a fishing boat at 1030 Hr regarding flooding on board IFB Kalyaneshar. The distress position was about 42 N miles west of Jakhau, Gujarat. ICGS Samudra Pavak immediately proceeded to the area and found that IFB Kalyaneshar was heavily flooded, partially submerged and also listed 200-300. The fishing boat crew was not aware of the source of the water ingress. As the Coast Guard team was about to initiate the de-flooding arrangements, the boat capsized and sank at 1250 Hr due to excessive flooding. All the 06 crew were rescued and embarked onboard ICG Ship. The rescued crew were provided first aid and food. Subsequently, the Coast Guard ship safely brought the rescued crew to Porbandar.

Search and Rescue Efforts During Cyclonic Storm ‘Ockhi’.

Since 30 Nov/ 01 Dec 17 onwards ICG units have been deployed for 314 ship days and 255 flying hrs for Search & Rescue of missing fishermen and so far ICG units have rescued/ assisted 488 fishermen out of total 850 fishermen rescued/ assisted by all the rescue units. 09 out of 24 dead bodies have also been recovered by Indian Coast Guard units off Kerala coast. Op SHAYAM conducted by Indian Navy for SAR during Cyclonic Storm ‘Ockhi’ was terminated vide NHQ Signal DTG 282015/Dec 17.



Recent SAR Incidents

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