Director General Rajendra Singh, PTM, TM



Director General Rajendra Singh hails from Uttarakhand and has completed his schooling from Mussoorie prior graduating from Dehradun.

The Flag Officer joined the Indian Coast Guard in 1980 when the service was being established. He has, thus been among the pioneers who charted the growth of the organization. The Flag Officer has commanded each class of Coast Guard Ship in service, which includes the Interceptor Boat, Inshore Patrol Vessel, Fast Patrol Vessel, Offshore Patrol Vessel and Advanced Offshore Patrol Vessel. In the early eighties, when smuggling was as its zenith in Indian waters, he was actively involved in apprehending numerous maritime economic offenders whose activities were inimical to national interest. His sterling efforts were recognized with the award of the Tatrakshak Medal (TM) by the President of India on 15 Aug 1990.

During the course of his illustrious career, the Flag Officer was also trained in the Maritime Search and Rescue (M-SAR) and Maritime Safety with the United State Coast Guard and has attended the National Security Course from the Lal Bahadur Shastri Academy, Mussoorie. Having served in various capacities both ashore and afloat, the Flag Officer has an impeccable track record in the field of Operations, Administration, HR and Policy & Plans as well. During the command of Advanced Offshore Patrol Vessel Sangram, the ship was deployed to the Far East coast of Japan, Philippines and Vietnam on goodwill missions and was instrumental in building bridges of friendship. His efforts earned international recognition for the Indian Coast Guard, which remains a silver lining in the annals of the service.

During the last 34 years, the Flag Officer has been spearheading the growth of the Coast Guard as a multi-mission service. In his earlier appointments at the Coast Guard Headquarters as Director (Administration) and Director (Policy & Plans), he was instrumental in consolidation of the administrative framework of the service and laying the foundation for expansion of the organization in a planned manner. He has also shouldered the responsibility of the Commander, Coast Guard Goa area.

As an Inspector General, he had commanded both Eastern as well as the erstwhile undivided Western Region, which in itself implies having commanded more than 2/3rd of the operational fleet and units of the service. These challenging assignments as the Commander of the Regions were marked by numerous historical turning points. On the Eastern front, it was the success of leading ICG efforts in the Palk Bay at the peak of the ethnic strife, and on the West, it was leading the transformation of the service to counter challenges in the Coastal Security apparatus. The Flag Officer was awarded President’s Tatrakshak Medal (PTM) on 15 Aug 2007 for his distinguished service.

As the Additional Director General of the Indian Coast Guard, he proficiently handled the conflicting demands in a continually enlarging charter of duties. The onerous responsibility included facilitating the organizational growth in an expeditious manner and providing impetus to achieve a high level of operational effectiveness.

The Director General is married to Mrs Urmila Singh and has two daughters.

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